Gates in fences, gates to courtyards, gates to access areas you want closed off most of the time, gates to keep pets in. When you are looking to add that special, perfect gate to your fence or property, a custom Gate from Ponderosa Fence And Gate will be just what you need.

Gates can be plain, they can be ornamental, they can be solidly functional, or they can have that extra touch, perhaps with some delicate metal filigree enhancing their appearance. Gates such as the gates in these photos make a subtle yet definite statement of class and quality. Although metal Gates are usually produced with a black, weatherproof finish, we can manufacture them in your choice of colors, to match any color theme you have selected for your outdoor spaces.

Please allow us to show you all the styles we offer. For your custom gate, select from any of our styles, or bring in your own design, and we will have our designer work with you to make sure you get your custom Gate with that perfect touch.

Whether it’s a power or manual gate, a wooden or a steel gate, a gate in a picket fence, brick wall or carport, we can build the right gate for you

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